So many crazy things happened this year in the world of the UFC. Titles changed hands a staggering 10 times, the first dual division champion in UFC history was crowned, MMA was legalised in New York City and even Brock Lesnar returned to UFC 200. Records were broken this year, staggering knockouts happened left and right, and was also filled with instant classics. 2016 was the year for mma fans, here’s a list of the craziest things that happened this year.

Micheal Bisping beats Anderson Silva, Wins title by KO on short notice

If you started the year thinking Micheal Bisping would win the UFC title, people would have called you crazy. If you thought he’d beat Anderson Silva and then win the title on short notice by KO in the first, you wouldn’t have just been crazy but completely insane; but low behold, Bisping did it. After overcoming huge adversity in the Anderson fight (After pretty much being knocked out but being saved by the bell) and winning a decision, Bisping was called on short notice to fight Luke Rockhold, a former adversary. Many thought little of Bisping going into the fight, but Bisping proved everyone wrong, cracking that chin and putting Rockhold down for the count (Pun intended).

How crazy was all of this? Rank 9/10 

Conor McGregor becomes Two Division Champ 


Conor McGregor started the year by shocking the world… with a loss to short notice replacement Nate Diaz. After being stopped by Diaz, McGregor went on a war path, beating Diaz in the rematch (Which was an instant classic), and then blasting his way through Eddie Alvarez at the inaugural New York show to win the Lightweight Title. Conor McGregor made UFC history this year becoming a two weight world champion, and did so in style.

How crazy was all of this? Rank 7/10


Brock Lesnar returns for UFC 200, Fails drug tests 110_brock_lesnar_vs_mark_hunt-0-0

Since retiring from MMA in 2011, many thought the idea of a Brock Lesnar return in 2016 was crazy, but alas it happened. At UFC 200 Lesnar returned against Mark Hunt, and coasted to a decision victory. It wasn’t much of a fan friendly affair as people anticipated and quickly the return of Lesnar fell flat. Unsurprisingly to many, Lesnar failed his post fight drug test. Nice. Oh and Mark Hunt was not a fan of this, going after the UFC for negligence and accusing them of knowing about the PEDs.

How crazy was all of this? Rank 7/10


Stipe Miocic gains title shot, Wins title and defends it… all by first round KO

May 14, 2016; Curitiba, Brazil; Stipe Miocic (blue) reacts after defeating Fabricio Werdum (red) during UFC 198 Fight Night at Arena Atletico Paranaense. Mandatory Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Two days into 2016, Stipe Miocic became the #1 contender for the UFC Heavyweight title with a manhandling KO of Andrei Arlovski in the first round. Afterwards Miocic would wait as injuries blurried the title picture, but come May, Miocic would get the shot. In Brazil in front of an absolutely huge crowd, Miocic flatlined champion Fabricio Werdum with a right hand as he charged forward. Coming off the spectacular knockout, Miocic would defend his title against Alistar Overeem also with a first round KO. What a year for the heavyweight Champ.

How crazy was all of this? Rank 5/10

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