After a 5 year hiatus from MMA and the UFC, the big man Brock Lesnar will step back into the octagon. A return was only once seen as a dream to fight fans, but the dream has arrived. At the big UFC 200, Lesnar will headline opposite legendary head-hunter Mark Hunt. A casual and hardcore fans dream match up alike, these two behemoths are sure to bring the pain.


At 6’3 265, and a huge reach of 81 inches, Lesnar will be a tall order for the smaller Hunt. What lesnar brings to the table will most likely be much of the same during his run through the division from 2008-2011: Explosive takedowns, ruthless aggression, and suffocating top control. Never one to stay on his feet long and with a suspect chin, Lesnar’s game-plan will be straight forward; wear Hunt down. Lesnar will come out cautions on the feet, and will circle until he sees an opening for a blast double leg. If Hunt is able to thwart the takedown off the shot, Lesnar should press on using a tight guard to get Hunt to the cage, from there he will look to rough him up until an opening to finish comes to profession. Lesnar will look to do to hunt what he did to Frank Mir and Heath Herring: overwhelm and control.

An NCAA wrestler with an ever improving ground game (now a purple belt in BJJ), Lesnar will be no slouch on the ground, and should have a clear advantage if it does hit the mat. If Lesnar is to win, he must get this fight to the mat without taking a big shot on his way inside. When pursuing the takedown, he will have to come from an angle and not be the predictable fighter he became at the end of his run in 2011, and while the blast double leg has been effective in the past it is just too predictable for Hunt to land a big shot as he bull rushes in. Lesnar will have to look for single legs, body locks and even pulling guard. Anything to get it into his realm.

At 38 years old has lesnar’s time passed or will he turn back the clock for one last fight?


“The super Samoan” is truly a nightmare in the stand up department. The best one punch knockout artist in the game has become quite the fan favourite because of it. At UFC 200 he will attempt to add another big name to his highlight reel. Hunt will need to stay on the outside and use his superior striking win this fight. Hunt will have to pivot and cut angles off his strikes to keep lesnar off of him. Look for Hunt to use his left hook to pivot off the rush and hurt Lesnar throughout the bout. Avoiding the clinch and mat will be crucial for the Samoan, who has historically had a tough time when taken down.

At 42 will Hunt pull off another highlight reel knockout? Or will Lesnar’s freak athleticism be too much to handle? Find out Tonight


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