August 20th and UFC 202 cannot come fast enough. After the lack-luster UFC 200 event, which could have been saved by McGregor vs Diaz 2, the MMA world needs to see and experience a BIG Fight. Several interviews have been done with Conor and Nate, and of course MMA Media has spent hours analyzing the rematch.

McGregor vs Diaz 2 – Redemption or Validation?

Hype aside, both men have something to prove with this fight. McGregor can re-capture his mystic aura which he lost when he gassed & tapped in their first match. Diaz on the other had is a UFC vet that has gotten little respect from the UFC Brass since day one. Forever living in the shadow of his big brother Nick Diaz. Most Famously UFC Prez Dana White said Diaz was “not a needle mover”. which we knew all along was BS.

Both these guys have something they need to prove to themselves and to the fans. It’s a fascinating matchup, which will most likely break records and if we are lucky, we will see an EPIC rubber match if McGregor wins.

Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 Podcast

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