As the sport of Mixed Martial Arts grows, the number of news outlets and websites covering the sport grows. One thing that irritates me is when places with ZERO knowledge or understand of MMA stry to cover the sport. We see this a lot with big UFC events like UDC 168. Of course anytime something bad happens everyone wants to chime in and cover it for additional views of increased web traffic. To prove this point, do a quick google search of “Anderson Silva’s Leg Injury”. Even sites like TMZ and The Hufington Post decided their readers wnated to see a nasty injury.

Bottom line is there are very few good and realiable MMA News Resources that have been covering the sport since the early days. Sure, you can find off hand uneducated opinions on a lot of websites (Like ESPN) but if you are looking for MMA coverage from people who know the sport, then the selection is limited. so today I’m going to focus on the best Podcasts in MMA. We will hit MMA News Resources in another article.

Top 5 MMA Podcasts

#1 – The MMA Hour


Hosted by: Ariel Helwani & New York Rick / @arielhelwani

The MMA hour is easily the most popular podcast and MMA Show hands down. Ariel does an awesome jobs interviewing fights and personalities in the sport. The show is now usually close to 4 hours long. Ariel starts out interviewing guests, and then towards the end of the show he starts taking fan questions via Twitter and the MMAFighting website.

#2 – Luke Thomas – Chat Wrappers

Website: / @SBNLukeThomas

Hosted by: Luke Thomas

Personally this is my favorite podcast of them all. But it;s #2 because it’s only about an hour each week. Luke is a no bulllshit guy, and isn’t afraid to put his thoughts and opinions out there. since he doesn’t do the whole Fighter Interview thing, he has the freedom to do and say what he feels. That wouldn’t be possible if he was in Ariel’s position, and both are a much needed void that needs filled. Luke is also the kind of guy that calls people out on their nonsense. Be it Dana White, Other MMA Reporters, and even fighters.

I challenge anyone to watch and listen to LT and tell me he doesn’t have the best insight of them all. His Technique talks are top notch, he doesn’t pretend to be an MMA Expert, but he doesn’t train BJJ and Wrestling, which makes his comments carry some weight.

#3 – Cheap Seats / Sherdog


Hosted By: Jordan Breen & Greg Savage / @jordanbreen

This is a good podcast with a pretty open format. My only complaint is some of the off-topic discussions that seem to ramble on. I enjoy Jordan’s take on things mostly though. Jordan Breen and Greg Savage on Thursday returned to “Cheap Seats” on the Sherdog Radio Network with a one-hour edition, featuring the familiar off-the-wall calls, emails and tweets.

#4 – MMA Junkie Radio


A firm favorite with fans, this show goes out five times a week with Gorgeous George, John Morgan and Goze bring a mix of light-hearted discussion, interviews, and the chance to phone in and air your own views. They keep to a regular schedule normally during weekdays and during big MMA Events.

MMA Junkie’s show generally revolves around their guests, and being that it’s broadcast from Las Vegas, one of the mecca’s of mixed martial arts, that gives them access to many of the top names in the sport on a regular basis. The relaxed atmosphere in the studio often brings out the best in the guests, and they really excel when they invite a fighter to hang out for the entire show.

#5 – Bloody Elbow Radio


Hosted By: Matt Bishop and Brian Hemminger

Hosts Matt Bishop and Brian Hemminger dive into the sport with their hilarious opinions along with their trademark preview and review shows of every major MMA events. A well established show that often has good guests, plenty of analysis and along with ‘Beatdown After The Bell’ over on Sherdog it’s one of the few shows to also air an episode live after UFC events.

Honerable mention must go out to The MMA Beat and UFC Tonight. Neither are actually podcasts, but both are awesome to watch. MMA Beat usually has 4-5 hosts, and UFC TOnight has Chael Sonnen and Dominic Druz, and sometimes fighters like Rasah Evans and others. It’s easily the #1 UFC Show out there. Sonnen is a natural in front of the camera.



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