By now you have heard the Conor McGregor is no longer “Officially” a Two Division Champ, and the UFC issued a statement saying Conor gave the belt up by choice, but we all know better don’t we?

McGregor Stripped & Aldo Is Champ Again?

Even though Conor KO’d Jose Aldo in just 13 Seconds 11 months ago, the UFC has decided he is the “Undisputed FW Champ” after beating Frankie Edgar at UFC 200. But wait, there’s more, in a couple weeks at UFC 206, Anthony Pettis who has 1 Win in his last 4 fights will face Max Holloway for the Interim FW Belt? Because, Reasons?

I guess the winner will face Aldo to unify the belts, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Conor McGregor decided to jump back in the mix again at some point.

Podcast – McGregor Stripped and Aldo is Champ Again

I recorded a short podcast and answered a few questions from our listeners and gave my thoughts on this weird situation, and UFC’s false belief that MMA fans are #1 Stupid and #2 Must have a title fight on any PPV to buy it, even when it makes ZERO sense…

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