Only a couple weeks after Conor McGregor made history by becoming the first Two Weight UFC Champion and brought the UFC & MMA into the main stream spotlight, the Broadcast team made this announcement tonight:

UFC lightweight belt, has relinquished given up his featherweight title, the UFC announced Saturday night during the UFC Fight Night 101 broadcast.

Notice the wording of this announcement, specifically relinquished which implies McGregor gave up his belt voluntarily. Sources close to Ariel Helwani have stated the Conor Mcgregor DID NOT give up his belt by choice, but the UFC has the right to Strip him.

Jose Aldo Is the Champ.. Again…

Even though he lost to Conor McGregor in 13 Seconds, he is the new featherweight champion. Aldo beat Edgar at UFC 200 winning the Interim Title and I guess… Somehow the UFC thinks this makes sense to make him the legit champ?

Anthony Pettis vs Max Holloway UFC 206

It was also announced that Anthony Pettis vs. Max Holloway will now be the main event for UFC 206 since Daniel Cromier is injured again and out of his fight again Anthony Johnson. This comes as no surprise for anyone who knows the history of the AKA Gym which is riddled with Injured fighters who drop out of fights.

What This Means?

This means that the UFC is ready to put their foot down against McGregor, and my guess is he is expecting this. It also means that the Featherweight division just went back to the Prelims, because without Conor being the champ, nobody cares. Does anyone take a Champ who got KO’d in 13 seconds seriously when he didn’t actually WIN the belt back from the man he beat him?

On the bright side, the hilarious one lines Conor will throw at the UFC and Aldo should be loads of fun to watch and listen to. Although if he says something like “The belt mean nuttin’ – We know he will be more right than ever…..

McGregor is The King

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