As promised, here is the UFC 168 Pre-Fight Media Scrum with Dana White. He talked every the biggest rematch in UFC History (Silva vs Weidman), Rousey vs Tate, and Barnett vs Browne. Plus he *hints* that he may have a huge announcement this weekend. And in totally unrelated news, everyone is buzzing the the UFC’s biggest PPV Star Brock Lesnar will be attending UFC168….

Brock Lesnar Making a Comback?

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not and never have been a Brock Lesnar fan. He is a super talented Pro-Wrestler (I guess?) but I don’t think he beat anyone that was very good. Frank Mir was his biggest win IMO. I can see Coture being up there as well, but I think Brock was overated. But that being said, the UFC and MMA as a sport hit its peak when Lesnar was fighting, and UFC 100 Lesnar vs Mir was the biggest PPV UFC event in history with 1.6 Million in Pay Per View Buys.


Exactly why Lesnar is coming to Las Vegas for the fight has become a thing of speculation, but as usual people are beginning to whisper that maybe the UFC has something up its sleeve. During Thursday’s post-press conference media scrum, UFC president Dana White was asked point blank if the UFC would take the opportunity to talk business with Lesnar.

“I honestly don’t know,” he said, repressing a grin like a man who just might know more than he wanted to say. “Honestly?” somebody goaded.  “Honestly,” White said, “I don’t know.”

Does the UFC Need Brock Lesnar?

In short, yes they do, and here’s why.

After Leanar retired, the UFC had a lot of injury issues throughout 2012 which slowed the growth of the sport. So far nobody can argue that 2013 has been the best year of fights ever.Now with GSP retired, Nick Diaz retired, Silva talking retirement after this fight (maybe kinda sorta), and Anthony Pettis Injured and out most of 2014, Cain V out with a shoulder surgery most of 2014. The UFC and MMA needs a Brock  Lesnar to come in and bring the Pro wrestling fans over and inject money and intrigue into some events in 2014.

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