The UFC made easily the best promo video for the upcoming fight with Champion Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm. Ellen DeGeneres tweeted out this video this morning, and MMA Fans and Media have been raving about it every since. It’s obvious the UFC is hoping to continue to get new women fans by using someone with such power like Ellen DeGeneres in that demographic, and it appears to be a smart move.

Upcoming Ronda Rousey Biopic Movie

A few months ago rumors were confirmed that there will be a Ronda Rousey movie based on her life. In today’s promo video Rousey wasn’t the only face people mat recognize, Ronda’s mother Dr. AnnMaria De Mars who was the first American Women to Medal in Judo, also in the promo video was Ronda’s little sister (who looks just like Ronda) Julia De Mars.

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