We are still dealing with the aftermath of UFC196, but we need to look ahead to what should be an EPIC UFC 200 Event in July. As of right now, no fights have been officially scheduled for this event, but UFC President Dana White has laid out some possible options.

With Superstars like Conor McGregor losing, Holly Holm Losing, and more. The match making has been tough. All signs point to both McGregor and Holm fighting on UFC 200, along with Robbie Lawler, Frankie Edgar, Nate Diaz, Dos Anjos, Anderson Silva, and more. With all those possibilities, here are some excellent MMA Fantasy Matches we hope to see at UFC 200

UFC 200 Fight Card

UFC 200 Fantasy Fight Card

Conor McGregor vs Frankie Edgar

Edgar deserves the title shot, he has been on a roll and is riding momentum after knocking Chad Mendes out cold! This is the fight the UFC should make, but if I was a betting man (I am) Then my guess is we end up with McGregor vs Jose Aldo 2. This isn’t a bad fight at all, and Aldo deserves a rematch. The biggest issue is Aldo pulls out of a lot of fights, and after a 13 second KO, fans are dying for this rematch.

Robbie Lawler vs George St-Pierre

GSP was at UFC 196, and GSP NEVER comes to UFC events. Officially he is still retired, but the rumors swirling around is the GSP may face Champ Robbie Lawler. Personally I love this fight, and right now I’d favor Lawler slightly. GSP hasn’t fought in almost two years, and tore is ACL again and had surgery since his last fight. Is GSP getting old? Can he handle Lawler? Either way, what a f”ing fight that would be!

Rafael dos-Anjos vs Nat Diaz 2

Right now Nate Diaz can get any fight he wants, fans will watch the Diaz brothers no matter what! Even against a Champ who has yet to get anyone excited in dos Anjos. Personally I don’t care for this fight, it’s a bad matchup for Nate, and I’d rather see Nate Diaz fight someone like Lawler, Pettis, or Eddie Alvarez.

Anderson Silva vs Tim Kennedy

I don’t think we can have UFC 200 without Anderson Silva. Sure, he isn’t the magical guy he once was, and I’m ok with that. He is still very very dangerous in the cage, and I love watching him fight. tim Kennedy has been calling Silva out for months now, and reminds everyone that like other fighters Kennedy has fought, Silva was on roids. If this fight goes down, I favor Kennedy, but wouldn’t be surprised if Silva does some Ninja stuff and wins.

Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate 3

I’m not a fan of this fight next for Champ Tate, I think Rousey should fight someone before getting the rematch. Regardless it sounds like Tate vs Rousey 3 is happening no matter what. holly Holm is asking for a re-match vs Tate already, and she needs a fight too. Lots of good match-up options for this division now, and I hate to see Rousey and re-matches gum up the works.

Overall it is an AMAZING time to be a MMA Fan, we are finally seeing more parody in the sports, more competitive fights at the top, and no Champ’s title is safe anymore. Gone are the days of 10 year win streaks. These guys are separated by micro inches, micro seconds.

What fights do YOU want to see at UFC 200? Let us know!

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