I wanted to share the major turning point in the Diaz vs McGregor Fight at UFC 196. As you know the fight itself was epic, and we normally only see some major momentum swings in movies like Rocky, but this was real life. Too bad we only had 11 days to build up this fight, but over a week later the MMA world is still buzzing about the massive upset by Nate diaz.

Diaz vs McGregor Fight Video

Obviously we cannot show the entire fight on here, but this short clip is a great look at the moment this fight changed in Diaz’s favor. this is the first time we have seen McGregor face any real adversity, and McGregor admitted afterward that he 1) under-estimate Diaz 2) Didn’t manage his energy 3) He’s cannot knock everyone out. These are all great lessons Conor will learn from, and I have no doubt he will come back better than ever.

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