If you are an MMA Fan, then no doubt you have already heard about the “Brawl” during the UFC 178 Media Day between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. The UFC had all the main card fighters for UFC 178 do a “Face Off” and DC and Jones decided to throw down right then and there! Dana white just started his first vacation in a long time in Bora Bora, so he was NOT present for this media day, and wouldn’t ya know, when the boss is away…..

I want to get our readers update to date because it has been a busy day of brawls, Twitter Trolling, Vine Videos, and an ESPN Interview with Bones and DC at the end of the day. So check out the initial fight above, and the follow up below.

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier Fight

The initial Media Day Fight is above, and it’s AWESOME!

ESPN Jones vs DC interview

DC and Jones Go to War on Twitter

Of course what smack talking contest would be complete without some social media “trolling”  – all in all, its been a great day for MMA Fans during a boring “off” week for MMA events.

Bones JonesDaniel C vs Jones

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